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The Secret Website Promotion and SEO Guide

The most important factors that you need to keep in mind while you are doing the SEO for your website are:

1 – Meta Tags : You don’t need to use lot a of meta tags.

Just use the Title, Keyword and Description Meta Tags in the head section of your page.

Keep your keywords in your title tag, but don’t keep more than 3 keywords in the title tag.

In the Description tag describe the page content and also put your keywords there in a meaningful way so that it makes a easy to understand sentence. Don’t make the description tag more than 2 lines.

In keywords tag you put your 7-8 keywords separated by commas.

Note – Google doesn’t check Keywords tag while many other search engines use this tag to evaluate the importance of page.

2 – Heading (H1, H2, H3 tag) – Use heading tag (H1) at the start of the page and put your main keywords there.

In the mid of page you can also use h2 or h3 tag as it helps in increasing the importance of page.

3 – Page Content – Spread your keywords all around your page. Make more pages related to your keywords and link to them with all your pages. You new pages name should be in the name of your keyword. It will be good if you keep the name of directory also the same as your keyword.

Eg – If you are targeting for keyword like “buy umbrella ” than you should make a page with name buy_umbrella.html and you can put it in a directory named “buy_umbrella”. It will make a url like

The above url will get more importance in search engines.

4 – Search Engine Submission Submit your site to major search engines and directories. There is no use to submit your site to thousands of search engine and directories as they really don’t bring any traffic to your website. Just consider submitting your website to important search engines like Google, yahoo, Msn and to directories like DMOZ and Yahoo.

Make sure that you submit your site to directories only after your pages are ready as their editors will manually check your site and will see that if your website is appropriate to be included in directory. Remember never to submit your pages to Free For All(FFA) pages as search engines may penalise you for this.

5 – Back Links – One of the most improtant factor in  website promotion is that you need to put your link on other sites that relate to the subject of your site. This will help you in increasing the Page Rank(PR) of your website.

If your site is really a quality site and provides some useful info/tools to people than other websites and directories may put your link for free on their site. You should always avoid recirpocal links for your website and try to get quality links related to your wwbsite using natural methods like article writing, providing free tools and utilities to webmasters, participating in forums and blogs etc

6- Anchor Text – This relate to the above point. When you ask other webmasters to put your link on their site than your link title should have your keywords in them. Like if you target for keyword like ‘free software downloads” than your link anchor text shall be “free software downloads” and its link pointing to the webpage on your site which contains best information related to “free software downloads”.

Through the above SEO guide we have tried to explain all the hidden secrets of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). We appreciate if you yourself could do Website Promotion on your website.

But remember SEO, Website Promotion is not a very easy to do task as it requires a lot of experience. A  new SEO always makes mistake when he tries to optimize his site by himself but he can always do better as his experience grows with time. We wish you best of luck !!

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